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Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC)
New Forest Centre
You might wonder why we call our regular monthly meetings 'Noggins & Natters' .....Well here is our understanding of the term. There are three definitions of the word 'Noggin' It is a small cup or mug ; It is a measurement of an alocoholic spirit (equivalent to a quarter of a pint) or it is a human head. And a 'Natter' ? To have a chat, chinwag, blether or gossip.
So, “Noggins and Natters” must mean ‘a bunch of human heads, drinking small measures of liquid (spirit or otherwise) whilst having a good chinwag or gossip’ – sounds like what we do twice most months! Maybe we should consider re-naming them Noggins, Natters and Nosh, which is also very much part of the fellowship we enjoy as a centre; many events feature food in one way or another.
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